Decorate Smart: Furniture Buying Tips For When You Want to Upgrade Your Space

Whether it’s because you’re finally moving out of your parents’ house, or you just want to update the look of your space, buying furniture for the first time can both be very exciting and quite confusing. Not only are there an unlimited number of choices from material to design, they also come with a broad range of prices and deals that could be overwhelming. Without a bit of know-how, it is easy to fall for “bargains” that are not really bargains at all but are actually money traps. Whether you’ve been adulting for a while now or this is your first try at it, we’ve got some smart furniture buying tips you’ll find really helpful in finding the right furniture for your budget.

Beware of 0%
Usually, 0% interest type deals are marked up to make up for the cost of financing. So in reality, you end up paying more over a period of time. You probably won’t feel it so much because the payments are distributed monthly over a set period. But if you have a little bit of patience to wait for sales or for your buying power to increase, that will be a good way to go.

Consider Quality
Buy good quality furniture. Especially, when it comes to beds. You will spend a third of your life in bed. Your bed will see you through some tough times, so you need a sturdy one that can last you years. If you can’t afford a high-quality bed, consider getting an air mattress for now, then save up and buy that dream bed later. Buying a cheap bed now and then buying a sturdier one later will only be an unnecessary expense. That air mattress, however, is something you can keep for guests that you will have in the future

The same goes for other furniture pieces. Don’t just go for cheap ones that you’ll have to replace soon. Save up for ones that will last you a long time so you don’t end up spending more for replacement.

Understand the different types of furniture
Upholstered furniture will have a shorter lifespan compared to just wood. However, it is far more comfortable. Check to see if the upholstered furniture you are eyeing is sturdy. Always go for sturdy hardwood frames. Tight-backed sofas require less maintenance work and would look less casual. Make sure the foam will support your weight well and won’t dip over time.

Things to do before going out to buy furniture:

Measure your space
You can’t go to a furniture store, get the biggest and best quality bed you can afford and have it delivered to your place only to find out that it won’t fit. Do the same for your living and dining rooms so you won’t have furniture that is either too big or too small.

Window shop first
Do your research. Scour your neighborhood for deals and furniture sales. Ask questions from shop owners or from that nice young man selling you that ugly-looking sofa. Ask your parents’ opinions about furniture. Years of buying furniture for your family will have armed them with some useful knowledge.

Find out how much you are willing to spend on furniture. This may mean you have to get second-hand furniture or maybe wait a little bit to buy what you want. Either way, always follow your budget. Never buy something you can’t afford.