5 Mistakes People Do When Trying to Get Out of Debt

Getting out of debt is not an easy journey. It takes time, discipline, and sacrifice to successfully do it. For one, it takes a significant change in financial lifestyle and spending habits if you are determined to get out of debt. This means cutting back on eating out, buying new gadgets and jewelry, and taking […]

How to Fix Money Woes with Your Partner Effectively

Being in a long term, committed relationship with someone does not only mean being there for the good stuff. You need to work together and see each other through the bad stuff as well. One of the hardest things that couples go through is financial hardships. Money brings out the best in some people, and […]

Ready to Move Out? Here’s A Financial Guide to Independence

Moving out of your family home is one of the biggest adult milestones. However, this dream is a bit harder to reach now as compared to previous decades. A report made by Pew Research Center mentioned that 19 percent of young professionals move back with their parents after graduation. Rising student debt, lack of job […]

Can You Use Debt to Build Wealth?

The short answer is YES. You definitely can. It all depends on what kind of debt, how smart you are about using the money you borrowed, and how diligent you are at paying it off. So now you may be asking, if debt can be used to build wealth, how do I do it? First […]

How to Avoid Falling Into A Deep Debt Hole

Debt is a fact of life. From student loans to mortgages, it seems like every milestone of adulthood requires some form of debt. It’s no wonder that a majority of adults are buried in it, causing major anxiety for people. They dread the day their bills would come, fearful of the words “default” and “late […]