Possible Reasons Why Your Personal Loan Application Got Denied

When your personal loan application gets denied, it can be disappointing. Most people are also puzzled. Even people with strong credit scores can get denied, and it makes them wonder why. Below are a few common reasons why banks deny personal loan applications so the next time you apply for one, you’ll know what and […]

Millennials and Personal Loans: What’s the real score?

Having experienced recession growing up and witnessing the rise of new technologies through the years, millennials have inevitably developed a different way of looking at personal finance, dealing with credit, and utilizing financial services. There is much to say about the most educated generation to date, but how do their financial behaviors differ from their […]

Is Using Personal Loan to Pay For Medical Debt a Good Idea?

Health care in the United States is very expensive, leaving a lot of Americans in deep medical debt. Getting sick can get you bankrupt, and ironically, health insurance doesn’t always get you the assurance of worry-free treatment. A survey found that one in five insured working-age Americans has difficulty paying off medical bills and goes […]

How to Use Personal Loans to Your Advantage

Most people are terrified of debt and avoid loans except for maybe a home loan or a car loan. Personal loans are something people usually shy away from mostly because there is no particular use for it. Home loans are used to buy a house, car loans for cars. But what exactly are personal loans? […]