SAME-DAY Tax Refund Advance – Get up to $6,000, Interest-Free!

tax return advance same day in texas and oklahoma

Don’t wait for your tax refund! With the Payment 1 SAME-DAY 0% Interest Tax Refund Advance, you can receive up to $6,000 INTEREST-FREE and get the money you deserve within a matter of minutes. No more stressing out over bills, stretching your paycheck, or waiting for weeks to receive your hard-earned money!

This year, just file your 2024 taxes with Payment 1 and get your refund advance within minutes!

Whether you need the money for a big purchase, to pay off expensive debt, to cover an emergency expense, or you just want to have some extra cash on hand, our 0% Interest Same-Day Tax Refund Advance is the perfect solution!

Don’t let the frustration of waiting get you down any longer. Take control of your finances and get the money you deserve when you need it most. Come into your local Payment 1 office, and we’ll take the stress out of filing your taxes and you can walk out with your Tax Refund Advance!

Don’t wait weeks for the IRS to send your tax refund!

Your tax refund isn’t a bonus: Your tax refund is YOUR hard-earned money! That’s why we offer a no-interest advance on your tax refund!  Get your 2024 refund advance as soon as your tax return is accepted by the IRS. Don’t wait for the IRS to process your refund, take control of your finances now! 

No need to worry about payday loans with high-interest rates. Get an early refund without the high cost. Take control of your finances, have peace of mind, and empower yourself with fast cash now. 
Don’t let the IRS keep what they owe you and start enjoying your money right away.

Remember – with Payment 1 you get fast money, no interest, no kidding! Contact us today to get your tax refund faster. Easy to apply & repay.

How a 0% APR Early Refund Advance can help meet your financial goals in 2024:

  1. **FAST ACCESS TO FUNDS**: Instead of waiting weeks for your federal refund, a Tax Refund Advance can provide you access to your funds within minutes. This can be particularly useful if you’re facing an emergency situation where you need immediate access to cash.
  2. **NO INTEREST**: Tax preparation services through Payment 1 don’t charge interest for an Early Refund Advance. That makes it an affordable option compared to other types of loans. However, it’s worth noting that charges can vary significantly among different providers.
  3. **YOU CAN SPEND IT ON ANYTHING YOU WANT**: The funds received from an Early Refund Advance can be used to cover any unexpected expenses, from medical expenses, to tools and parts you may need for your job, to emergency auto repairs.
  4. **SIMPLE PAYMENT PROCESS**: Your refund advance is automatically repaid by deducting it from your actual tax refund, once it’s issued by the IRS. Therefore, you do not need to worry about additional repayments or creating another line of debt.
  5. **NO EFFECT ON YOUR CREDIT SCORE**: Since early refund advances are secured by your anticipated tax refund, they do not require a credit check and it’s easy to get approved and meet eligibility with Payment 1. This means taking out this kind of loan won’t negatively impact your credit score AT ALL!

Don’t settle for a refund advance loan that charges you interest! Get a ZERO-INTEREST Tax Refund Advance from Payment 1 instead!  Apply for a refund advance with Payment 1 today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Refund Advances from Payment 1

1. What is a tax refund advance?

tax refund advance, also known as an early refund advance, is given by a lender who uses your expected tax refund as collateral. It essentially allows you to get an early portion of your tax refund before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) processes your tax return. A typical refund from the IRS can take weeks or even months to arrive, but a 2024 Tax Refund Advance can be in your hands within minutes when you file your taxes with Payment 1!

2. How does the process to apply for a refund advance work?

To apply for a refund advance, you simply need to file your tax return with Payment 1 Financial Group!

Once we file your taxes, Payment 1 will assess your eligibility and issue funds to you, based on your expected refund amount. You can expect to receive the loan amount via direct deposit or on a prepaid card / debit card.

Receive up to $6,000 with 0% interest the same day you file your taxes! Even better: pay-off of your tax refund advance happens automatically once the IRS processes your tax return and issues a refund!

3. How fast can I get a tax refund advance through Payment 1?

The cash from your refund advance is available within minutes after you file your 2023 tax return with Payment 1! Payment 1 offers tax refund advances as soon as the IRS starts accepting returns, starting January 23 through April 15, 2024.

4. What might impact the loan amount I can receive?

Your 0% interest tax advance amount through Payment 1 is based on an estimation of the refund you expect to receive from the IRS.

5. Is interest applied to tax refund advances from Payment 1?

No! No Interest, no kidding! Come in, let Payment 1 file your taxes, and we’ll help you get your money – SAME DAY!