5 Expensive Home Repairs You Need to Prepare For

As an adult, one of your main goals in life is to have your own home. But the expenses of owning a house does not stop with the mortgage and bills. Things can break inside the house, and sometimes unexpected repairs can set you back financially. This is why it’s important to have a budget […]

How to Fix Money Woes with Your Partner Effectively

Being in a long term, committed relationship with someone does not only mean being there for the good stuff. You need to work together and see each other through the bad stuff as well. One of the hardest things that couples go through is financial hardships. Money brings out the best in some people, and […]

5 Practices That Could Possibly Hurt Your Credit Score

You should know that your credit score affects your financial life in a big, big way. Having bad credit will affect your ability to have a loan approved, how much interest is charged on your loan, or even your chances of getting employed. Maintaining good credit is an important part of adulthood and one that […]

Possible Reasons Why Your Personal Loan Application Got Denied

When your personal loan application gets denied, it can be disappointing. Most people are also puzzled. Even people with strong credit scores can get denied, and it makes them wonder why. Below are a few common reasons why banks deny personal loan applications so the next time you apply for one, you’ll know what and […]

The Costs of Moving: Expenses That Are Often Overlooked

According to statistics, an average person will move approximately 11 times in their lifetime. And whether you are moving from one state to another or just one neighborhood over, the process will always be costly. From the obvious things like hiring movers to paying rent, moving always involves a lot of expenses. Often, however, there […]

How to Save Money While in College

For a lot of students, college is an exciting time because it’s the first time that they get a taste of independence. And it is because of this independence that young people really begin to learn and understand the value of money. College students, even those who have part-time jobs, may have quite a limited […]

Decorate Smart: Furniture Buying Tips For When You Want to Upgrade Your Space

Whether it’s because you’re finally moving out of your parents’ house, or you just want to update the look of your space, buying furniture for the first time can both be very exciting and quite confusing. Not only are there an unlimited number of choices from material to design, they also come with a broad […]

7 Common Car Repairs and How to Finance Them

One of the best things about owning a car is the freedom to go wherever you want to. But one of the biggest challenges of owning it is the maintenance cost. Every car owner has had to deal with some form of maintenance or repair cost at one time or another. Below are some of […]

Ready to Move Out? Here’s A Financial Guide to Independence

Moving out of your family home is one of the biggest adult milestones. However, this dream is a bit harder to reach now as compared to previous decades. A report made by Pew Research Center mentioned that 19 percent of young professionals move back with their parents after graduation. Rising student debt, lack of job […]

Millennials and Personal Loans: What’s the real score?

Having experienced recession growing up and witnessing the rise of new technologies through the years, millennials have inevitably developed a different way of looking at personal finance, dealing with credit, and utilizing financial services. There is much to say about the most educated generation to date, but how do their financial behaviors differ from their […]